Play designer by translating your Louis Poulsen knowledge with a creative challenge judged by International & Australian designers


Design Brief


Use your understanding of the Louis Poulsen Design Philosophy to showcase your individual interpretation of how you would shape light by designing your own unique light fitting. Jump to Further Learning to be inspired and experience the Louis Poulsen journey of designing to shape light

Design Criteria

  • Must be a hand sketch (Judged on creativity not drawings skills)

  • Design must generally adhere to Louis Poulsen’s Design Philosophy 

  • Your Design can be from any category – Architectural, Decorative and Outdoor Lighting

  • Sketch to be clearly annotated with materiality and scale

  • (Optional) Explain your design intent in 100 words or less

  • 1 entry per person

  • Please include name and company with submission

  • Submissions to be sent in PDF format via email to    
    (Submissions to be a maximum of 10mb)

  • Submissions to be sent no later than 5pm EST on the 14th of May 2020.

  • Questions regarding design criteria can be sent to



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Christian Flindt


Christian Flindt (1972-) graduated with an MAA and MDD from Aarhus School of Architecture in 2002. He then started his own design company in 2003. Here, he placed high emphasis on communication between people, and his focus on this area finds expression in his approach to re-evaluating furniture. He wants his furniture to inspire people to make new connections.

Donn Salisbury

Director of Electrolight, Donn’s 20+ years experience in lighting design exhibits a combination of creativity, innovation and accolades. With backgrounds in both visual arts and design, coupled with a passion for lighting and the visual realm, Donn’s insight drives his team toward modernism of illumination design in the built environment and the world of light art. This approach has gained the respect of his peers, affirmed by the receipt of multiple awards, including 17x International Lighting Design Awards and 22x National and State Lighting Design Awards. Donn’s experience and reach across the design industry is widespread, with involvement in the design of more than a thousand projects over the past 20 years.

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Øivind Slaatto


Øivind Slaatto (born 1978) is a promising Danish designer, recognised for his simple and poetic solutions. Nature is Øivind's most important source of inspiration. He also seeks to transfer characteristics such as rationality, logic and harmony to his designs. Øivind has a master's degree from the Danish Design School and studied music prior to this at the Royal Danish Academy of Music. An appreciation for music permeates his approach to the design process.

Adam de Guara


Adam’s background in both Interior Design and Lighting Design allows him to creatively respond to aesthetic and functional issues relating to space design. Recent international experience whilst designing in London for more than 4 years has added a further dimension to his extensive design skills. He has extensive knowledge of the lighting product market and is involved in all stages of the design process including concept, design presentation, development, equipment selection, cost planning and lighting control systems application. A concerted emphasis on ensuring an understanding of energy conservation and ways it may be maximised are aspects which are considered to be fundamental design solution. 



Best Overall Design

Meet the Louis Poulsen Team and Join us for 3 days of immersive design at Denmark's Annual Design Event (valid until 2022)


Award Inclusive of accommodation and return airfares (subject to terms and conditions)

Most Creative


AJ Mini Table (Ultra Blue) 

Design by

Arne Jacobsen


Most Iconic


AJ Mini Table (Original Grey) 

Design by

Arne Jacobsen


Most Relevant


Limited Edition AJ Mini Table 

Design by

Arne Jacobsen


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